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Make Best Gift an event in your community! Set up a display table at your gathering or use Best Gift materials to take up a holiday offering with meaning.

Use the form below to place your order. From catalogs to posters, you'll find great resources for your event! And, all materials are free of charge, except where indicated.
For assistance, please call 800-297-1516.

Limit 50 catalogs.

Limit 2 posters.

Limit 200 inserts.

Limit 50 cards with envelopes.

Limit 100 cards with envelopes.

Limit 100 cards with envelopes.

Each pack includes 15 pages and features 12 popular gifts. Order by number of packs.

Limit 200 envelopes.

One packet of tomato seeds and one packet of lettuce seeds.

Limit 1, while supplies last.

Limit 1, while supplies last.
Sample Blankets for Purchase

Sample blankets cost $10.00 each, limit 2 of each type. A shipping and handling fee of $7.50 for 1 blanket and $10.00 for 2 or more blankets will apply.

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